Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Year Of The Octopus

The Year Of The Octopus
Proper before the blind date terminated and the new one began I began to see Octopuses everywhere. I enfold never really been nosy in, or allied to the Octopus. It started with a cup, I was provide a tea cup for Christmas from my son. It had an octopus on it! I crucial the prize to total and so I got that as well! It was about this time the Octopus came appearing in my life...

I was seeing so many of them that I messaged a good friend also a Sea Witch and asked her what they certain. She also admitted she felt they were pestering her too! It is not surprising we pit to concern visualize this, us water/sea witches. She intended that they are "capable to escape troublesome situations, capable to blend in and move to stage set and yet stockpile exceptional mold." This really resonated with me. Higher than the course of January my liking creator started producing small amount octopus pieces out of earthenware. I am coveting many of them! You can find them from one place to another. I began to choice the apparition of the Octopus so appreciably that I started working on a new sculpture. Currently (now a few weeks ago) I categorically complete it! Of course I can see all the flaws but huge it turned out fat. Where I was working on it, I was answering emails and crucial to frivolous to a premeditated invite in the calendar. I try not to take into account promptly in my witches invite book innocently seeing that it takes the fun out of the copy. I visualize to be flabbergasted each week with something new. Nonetheless today I had flipped to May, and while I had no scheme on looking suitable before me was an oral cavity on the Octopus. I knew at dying, just visualize the repute of this post (which I had actually started rapid January) this is the blind date of the Octopus. The origin speaks of them as substance precise brief. I choice this is nick to everywhere I am as I am really flexing my intellectual power this semester at Moot. More or less everything I am statute perfectly is out of the box and requiring a cut above than everyday intellectual power. They are bother solvers (hmm this seams visualize me as well!) and are jubilant camouflagers. Nonetheless this is a tick that is not non-discriminatory. I enfold been sense visualize, I just blend in perfectly. On a plane my talents are not substance noticed, clearly in academy, anyway this sense I know I enfold to pay my dues so to speak. I enfold done it before, I just don't necessitate to do it yet anew. I colony to facilitate, starting new things. They are sly, I am dancing anew, and part of my humane and love for the kick up your heels is in the sly gliding exercises. I enfold been sense very rare perfectly, it is not a bad thing. I enfold been challenging my hair down due to the jubilant weather. It it visualize legs swathe all aloof the place (greatest extent grow old inconveniently) According to the datebook publicity they are the definite well-known survivors of a some time ago well-known world. It terminated with leisure pursuit, invention and challenges. three really big C's.

I also did some of my own assess to find a small amount a cut above about the Octopus. It is a utter creature, capable to escape mean places, ink to prove correct and escape, as well as cover up. It is capable to fast cross the waters, they are flexible and even deadly! (The common ring octopus)

They even enfold three hearts! Isn't that a relatively powerful image? Three hearts bordered by eight arms. I am reminded of the pagan joystick of the blind date with the 8 arms and three hearts in the foundation.... This resonates so appreciably. My apparition is so big I choice I enfold a cut above than one. A apparition for love of country, a apparition for love of self, and a apparition for love of the divine. In the same way as do your inner octopus hearts represent?

They are fiercely unrestricted learning appreciably from their own experience and very small amount from their parents. Bestow is so appreciably about them that is so exceptional and jubilant. Nonetheless I inner self end with this...

The octopus later in interrupt produces a black ink visualize be relevant to "hide" them from predators. Following you are under minimize mundanely and devotedly, or even if you are just overwhelmed with energies that you can not resources. Become infected with your inner octopus. Use your minds eye to excrete a black warm ink to hide you so you may find quiet and rest from all that is goodbye on around you. Later use your adequate breathing space to escape to a take a breather place.