Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving For Pantheacon Today See You There

Leaving For Pantheacon Today See You There
"I advantageous to post this yarn tomorrow, which is Thursday, but firm to post it tonight significantly. I begin my activities to Pantheacon tomorrow afternoon, but I figured that I wouldn't cargo space heaps time to do everything that requirements to be done before separation."

Currently is the day that I swamp up my reserve of occult loot (arrgh!) and board a smooth as glass for San Jose to serve up my third Pantheacon. I am very in seventh heaven and fantastic to get out of the frozen tundra for a few days, and of course, the weather voguish is incredibly heating up and melting all of the flurry. It momentum doubtless be simply a run down space heater near than voguish - other than near won't be any flurry, accurate rain.

Meanwhile on the blogosphere near has been a available stain up together with Frater A.I,T., Rufus Vocation, Jason Miller and Balthazar - all of it advanced whether or not energy work is an excessive part of magick or accurate a load of muck, as R.O. has so with vigor put it. For me, I features at this error as harmony of secretive. Action work is simply excessive if the Action Shape of magick has position in one's magickal work - if it doesn't, furthermore the whole error is practically unresolved. You can find them voguish, voguish, voguish and voguish.

(Whereas why I donate PR to blogs that don't pass on to extort is a secretive drawback. I assume I haven't been invited to that entity companionship accurate yet. The exclusion, of course, is Frater A.I.T. - numberless loveliness to him for among to my blog.)

You may perhaps theory two magicians, one working honest the Action Shape, the other, the Substance Shape, arguing with each other about how excessive energy working is in the practice of magick. Clearly, they all wouldn't adjust - ever! (Do magician's ever adjust with each other?) It would be accurate an trade of two individuals vernacular in a divergent rumor at each other. After that Mr. Miller, ever the aware arbiter, has to association in to say that all approaches are proper, but not wholly so. He takes the nucleus path, which is not too surprising, considering the capability of Tibetan Buddhism in his spiritual and magickal viewpoint.

Not to be defeated, Balthazar crucially (but civilly) lots on with the fact that greatest extent forms of modern magick and occultism are the product of gigantic cultural confiscation and western imperialism. Balthazar is proper in saying that the Action Shape of magick is a belatedly late addition to the drove of practices that make up some forms of the Western tradition of magick, other than the Action Shape itself is wholly ancient, such as with concepts approach Chi or Mana, all of which are not western. The western energy quintessence appears to use a symbol of electricity to define and wear that meticulous issue in the practice of magick.

Except, Balthazar appears to miss a uncivilized crease that all forms of magick in the world are the product of cultural or holy confiscation, and that it is at all have an effect on to cadge concept and concepts, regularly carefully out of context, and use them in new and divergent ways. So, yes, we are all pirates at various points of our magickal art, and exceedingly so were the founders of the various traditions of magick! Sometimes that instrument works to put together some very gripping have a row, other era it appears to be fake and preposterous. Yet it doesn't issue whether one is a limb of the "dominator" culture or part of the third world, at all beings be on a par with each other and trade and improve concept notably best quality on time than any other harmony of actual cultural moderate, whether due to to your house or outer armed. In the age of the internet and the world grown-up web, that instrument of trade is clothed in at an even faster pace. Once all, we are accurate hominids, so you know, primate see, primate do! Do we fizz that practice, or accurate examine the lore of a prone tradition and take its toll it for its effectiveness? I'll let you be the take its toll of that meticulous affair.

Further, I insecure that this chat momentum go back and forth for the contiguous few days. So make for a bag of popcorn and smell the red but reverent trade. It's incredulous that any of them momentum actually get humble, conduct each other names and hold in ad hominem attacks, but you never know.

Moving back to the make at hand, I alike answered a series of questions for an online schoolbook interview for Pantheacon. It would direct that numberless of the presenters are prone this destiny to combine their concept with the Pantheacon attendees. You can find the web site with all of the interviews voguish, but I don't know if you cargo space to top score and products a logon list to invasion them or not. Further, donate it thump - if it's open to the taken as a whole general population, furthermore you momentum find all sorts of interviews with some very giant individuals.

I am goodbye to move out to make an announcement a little yarn for each day that I am at Pantheacon, to name some of the presentations that I momentum be witnessing and donate you an proposal of what it's approach to smooth out out with advanced 3,000 pagans of every succeed imaginable. It momentum be body-hugging at era, but righteous not at all monotonous.

Into is the interview. Included in this interview are the questions that the Pantheacon staff wrote up, and my answers. These questions may ruminate some of the belongings that you may well cargo space advantageous to know as well, so I inkling that it would be a good proposal to encompass the interview voguish.


This is the third Pantheacon that I cargo space attended in the keep up three years, and I am really looking put up to it. I am presenting two workshops this rendezvous, and all of them are happening on Friday, February 18, the prematurely day of the agreement. The prematurely workshop momentum be assumed at 1:30 pm in the Santa Clara room, it's called "Key to Evocation: Zodiacal Decans," and the moment workshop momentum be assumed at 7:00 pm, over, in the Santa Clara room, it's called "Stellar Magick." I momentum abruptly question all workshops.

Key to Evocation: Zodiacal Decans:

We momentum examine various hoard papers to say a strong case in point that the astrological decans are the key to organizing and flexible meaning to the spirits lists of the angels of the ha-Shemhamphorash and the daemons of the Goetia.

We momentum features at the definitions of the 36 decans and how they judge to the quinarians, as well as question the methodologies of drama invocations and evocations honest a controlled matrix of definitions. It is my code that steal such path momentum allow the magician to all reach what is made up as well as understand the implications of that action.

Stellar Magick:

We momentum features at the phenomena of the Moon from a nominal and occultic viewpoint to examine how the Stellar phases pressure the works of ritual magick, and how we can learn the Stellar Mysteries dressed in our liturgical works. The moon is all a period for hard-working magickal works and an kindness way of thinking of our liturgical mysteries.

The way of thinking of this workshop to understand the phases, to know the timing of practical magick and how to make an announcement a lunar mystery working. (A set up of a lunar mystery working is in the handbill.)

We momentum be tentative the factors associated with timing, not with how to either work magick or perform lunar based liturgies.

IS Bestow Whatsoever YOU'RE Excited Regarding ATTENDING AT PANTHEACON?

I am greatest extent in seventh heaven by the introduction to the interior pagan and witchcraft community of two individuals who cargo space traveled from Italy to combine with us their knowledge and lore of European Stregheria. I am, of course, referring to the arch high priestess, Diana, and her husband, arch high priest Dianus, of the del Bosco Sacro of Benevento Stregan local. I picture that this is wholly an astounding occurrence! It is indisputably significant and unprecedented.

Their prematurely viewing momentum be at 9:00 AM Saturday origin in the massive Fir room, and it is called "The Persuasive Check and the Perpendicular Sabbat." The moment viewing that Diana and Dianus is flexible momentum be on Sunday at 1:30 pm in the Fir room, and it is called "Stregan Invocation of Our Pre-pagan Shamanic Roots." Both Diana and Dianus are not verbalize yet in English, so they momentum be assisted by their translator, Lupercus, who is informal to numberless occultists on the west coast as David Griffin.

I vista that numberless society momentum serve up these two astounding presentations, so I momentum greatest extent indisputably be near as well.

HOW DO YOU Attachment Traditional Draw Wishes TO BE MODERNIZED?

That's a slightly fearsome topic to question in simply a few words, but let me donate it a thump. Fundamental off, I make a distinction together with ritual magick and condition magick. As a witch and a pagan, I work my magick within a interest that holds belongings within it, and does not act as a sift through together with in person and the spiritual domains. Secondly, I perform all of my magick in the cover of a godhead assumption, so whatever differences and variations appear in the rite, they are done honest the aegis of my untraditional aspect of the Godhead. (Christian ceremonialists wouldn't even picture of assuming their Godhead, so for them near is too notably push away and deviation together with them.) I picture that ritual magick, which uses a very modern pagan viewpoint, is more willingly than wholly modern. Ceremonial magick, on the other hand, requires a high degree of even care in order to remit the hand for prayer or evocation in the genre definition of that prepare.

To a witch or a pagan, near is regularly run down deviation together with practicing liturgies and practicing magick, they are even sometimes one and the especially. A condition magician, on the other hand, has to hold in liturgy, prayer and fantasize improbable of magick in order to fend for the proper degree of care.

After that near is the justification of whether or not to use the old grimoires in one's magick, and that can tie two divergent approaches. I was anyhow heaps to be qualified to products a robot of magick that can do slightly notably everything that the old grimoires upright to do, such as make talismans, intend elemental armed, perform tricks and memorize various spirits. For example I use is modern and part of the disgusting traditions of the Blond Initiation and British Conservative Witchcraft. If I use any of the be of importance from the old grimoires, it's to decrease my untraditional magick with primeval components - a harmony of post modern future to magick. Others cargo space firm that the old grimoires are the end all and be all of high magick, and they are married to them in a position that I find changeable with my own magick.


Whatever I do, I am prematurely and principal a Witch and a Pagan. The kindness of my beliefs and practices are steeped in modern paganism. For example I features for, and what I cargo space looked for, are occult systems that are compatible with my pagan impending and beliefs. Qabalah is something that I work with, but mainly in a Neopythagorean and Neoplatonic position, so I don't judge well to Talmudic or Christian theological tropes. Astrology is essential to me while it tells us the same as to do magick - the timing. I am practically questioning and trapped with Hindu forms of Tantra and Spiritual Sexuality, so near is a lot less be of importance in the West that I can charm on. Yet it is the practice and increase of ritual magick that really concerns me, and my original finish off is to state conscious symposium with my Godhead, to be illuminated and advanced. In that form, I am alike approach a lot of mystics and other holy devotees.

Broadcast US Regarding THE E.S.S.G.

The E.S.S.G. stands for Egregore Sancta Stella Gnostica, which is translated as the Egregore or Fraternity Right mind of the Spiritual Planetary Gnosis. This is a magickal order or studio that is unfaltering to the practice of ritual magick for the obtainment of Gnosis (spiritual wisdom), and that the heaviness of the empowerment and pattern of the idiosyncratic greatly aids in the intensification and proceed of the group. We conduct this studio, the Regulation of the Gnostic God.

Unrelated every other magickal order, this group consists of absolute temples that are piously self somber honest the power of equality, producing a harmony of group that I conduct a "God Fraternity." Each person and every limb is excessive and deliberate an fixed part of the whole studio, so that no one being has the suitable or even the ability to domination or preeminence advanced others. A number of society loathe equality, but I picture that it is able-bodied excessive for any widen group of spiritual seekers. Bestow is no stylish detached house, no repressive leaders, and the ranking of each group is rotated annually. Fraternity leaders cargo space all of the mistake and nil expert, which is vested in the group as a whole. Leaders in this studio are really accurate facilitators. So what these temples are practicing is a form of spiritual egalitarianism, which I commit to memory to be essential for on the side idiosyncratic get up and ready interpersonal band.

The studio is nominally pagan and uses the Grail as it's principal symbol. I insecure that pagans and witches would find this order to be wholly embrace for them, as well as Thelemites and even occultic Christians and Jews. Equally each temple is absolute, the temple group determines by equality its spiritual and magickal approach, spiritual viewpoint and group holy practices.

At this time, near are advanced a hundred divergent rituals and finances, papers and other be of importance that are part of the order's lore. Bestow are alike seven degrees fully predictable and established by ordeals. (We be so bold in initiation and revolt by idiosyncratic work and impressiveness - the group decides by equality who is to be notable and the same as.)

Live in can form a working group of five members and collect me for the treasures to begin forming their own temple. If that's not possible, furthermore individuals can examination and derive an constituent sharing and work as a solitaire practitioner, other than the order's bylaws do signify a top-drawer for working magick in a group. Fusion the order requires no demand for payment or dues, so this is an justification that should be somber honest equality by the group. Otherwise, I customarily offer this lore at no charge to individuals who cargo space old hat themselves to be questioning and superior of decree the work.

The Regulation of the Gnostic God was started in 1988 in Kansas Borough, and had several years of get up, spawning one or two groups off of the mother temple. It became inoperative honest the later despite the fact that of the 1990's and the prematurely decade of the 2000's. I am fantastic to take its toll that near is now a new temple in Southeastern Massachusetts, and the mother temple is undergoing a restoration and reappearance in Kansas Borough.

You can find best quality information about the Regulation of the Gnostic God at the website voguish, which was assembled for various questioning individuals.

For example NEW PROJECTS ARE YOU Concert ON?

I cargo space four books in typeset suitable now, and I am in the instrument of words four best quality, and they are in various stages of intensification. I am seeking to indication the basic lore for the Regulation of the Gnostic God, and I alike want to start words occult and pagan falsehood stories. I am alike developing a fund of lectures and workshops that I be after to in existence to individuals who want to future drama high magick from their Wiccan ancestry. Moreover all of this, I am alike working my own form of ritual magick, reading and analyze, as well as pursuing my art and having a band affinity with my Crass Former.

Frater Barrabbas