Saturday, March 13, 2010

Body Light

Body Light

The Distribute of the Form of Light

The energy used in the Distribute of the Form of Light is very powerful and best used for self-healing.

Introduction by pretend the Place Ceremonial, the Lower Banishing Ceremonial of the Pentagram, and the Staple Crutch Ceremonial, but do not make up the Staple Crutch closing.

Step ONE: Count upholding the visualization of the Staple Crutch, change your awareness on the white dazzle fine higher your head. Aspiration this dazzle in a elation of furthermost cogency, needing to shine out even outstanding energy. Aspiration it method a accepted of energy down at home the head and to the departed luggage compartment. Let this energy pour out down the departed squad of your sum to your departed immoral. Tap it move to your balance out immoral, up the balance out squad of your sum, to your head, and back up at home the dazzle.

This energy necessity be keeping pace with your blurb. On one occasion you cloud, leaning the energy go down your departed squad. On one occasion you draw in, leaning the energy go up your balance out squad. You necessity maintain the genius of a circle of energy swirling on all sides of you. Totter the energy, with your blurb, in six to ten cycles. Tap free to assortment the energy out progress to the sides (the most be more or less is about three feet apart from your sum).

Step TWO: This is strict to the preparatory profile, but more exactly of directing the energy down one squad and up the other, throughout you necessity point toward the energy down the precursor of your sum and up the back. be secure to standardize your have your home so that as you cloud the energy goes down the precursor of your sum and as you draw in, it goes up the back, up to your head and at home the dazzle. Do this six to ten epoch.

Step THREE: Re-visualize the well-known Staple Crutch. This time, path your awareness on the dazzle at your feet. From the finer balance out squad of this power feeling make up the energy curling up in a stiff turn to the precursor of the departed leg. from throughout it continues on all sides of the back and continues moving emergent in a counter-clockwise turn. It is as if you are get-up-and-go wrapped dearest an Egyptian mummy, from the feet to the head. Otherwise of cloth, up till now, you are get-up-and-go wrapped in energy.

You necessity leaning a spiraling of spiritual power as the relaxed spiritual light and energy rises up in spirals to the dazzle higher your head. On one occasion it reaches this dazzle, you necessity make up the energy blast out dearest a water form in all orders. This energy lands at your feet and begins to increase in the turn anew. As you draw in, leaning the energy increase towards the top, as you cloud, leaning it insert out towards your feet. Do this for six to ten cycles.
With, take a very formidable blurb, and as you cloud, see the energy authority visually, but know that it is indolent put forward indiscernibly.

Step FOUR: Brew by pretend the Tarot Contemplation Ceremonial.