Saturday, January 26, 2008

February Moon Names

February Moon Names
Equally follows is a list (in alphabetical order) of the names firm to the February moon. In addition downhearted is the tradition and/or origin of that moon name:

Avunnivik Moon ~"Inuit"

Big Chill Moon ~"other"

Dilute Moon ~"Cherokee"

Gullible Moon ~"other"

Sharp Moon ~"other"

Coyote Nippiness Moon ~"San Juan "

Murky Storm Moon ~"Janic"

Fowl Moon ~"Omaha"

Grayish Moon ~"Pima"

Horning Moon ~"other"

Ravenousness Moon ~"Janic, Algonquin"

Ice Moon ~"Celtic"

Lateness Moon ~"Mohawk"

At the same time as Bud Moon ~"Kiowa"

At the same time as Thirst for Moon ~"Choctaw"

Aspiration Dry Moon ~"Assiniboine"

Off your rocker Moon ~"Natchez"

Old Moon ~"Cree"

Refinement Moon ~"Hopi"

Blunt Fish refuse Moon ~"Winnebago"

Hastening Moon ~"other"

Rabbit Moon ~"Potawatomi"

Raccoon Moon ~"Sioux"

Red Moon, ~"other"

Swallow Moon ~"Wishram"

Flurry Moon ~"Neo-Pagan, Algonquin"

Solmonath Moon ~"other"

Full of life Chill Moon ~"Arapaho"

Slender Orders Moon ~"Passamaquoddy"

Storm Moon ~"Medieval English"

Take in Moon ~"Anishnaabe"

Trapper's Moon ~"Algonquin"

Foliage Pop Moon ~"Sioux"

Unrefined Moon ~"other"

Bend Moon ~"Accept"

Chill Moon ~"Taos"

Wolf Moon ~"other"