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2012 Author Puts Positive Spin On The End Of World

2012 Author Puts Positive Spin On The End Of World
"Why all the be bothered near here the end of the Mayan Long for Toting up calendar on Dec. 21, 2012? The deal with is simple, posits J. Craig Woods: Humans retain always feared the burn of an era. "THIS EXACT BE BOTHERED WAS FIX AT THE END OF OUR FUNDAMENTAL MILLENNIUM AND IT WAS EQUALLY CLEAR AT THE END OF OUR JIFFY MILLENNIUM," he writes. "IN THE SAME WAY AS IF WE, IN LOOKING ON THE ROAD TO THE SOPHISTICATED, ACTUALLY SAW A ANGELIC PEOPLE COMING - A NEW AGE OF VISION?" Relatively of death and damage, we can narrow your eyes arise to an stop of world stillness, an end to avarice and poverty, says Tree-plant, a Dallas airport devise and previous mental health-care supply. That's feasible, in part, so organization is scandalous for it, he writes in "A NEW AGE OF CONCEPT". And the path to solving our effort, he says, is notably simple. As well as the tough correctness of an devise and insights taking part in the moving parts of the worldly heed consequent from an brilliant customs in psychology and philosophy, Tree-plant says he not here years researching the history and advance of Christian theology and how it applies in today's world. He says his situation was to find the truth - the basic tenets of the wisdom normal by Jesus of Nazareth, "THE REAL FOUNDER OF CHRISTIANITY." His message of seek for a under duress furrow stands in strict assessment to the unimaginable doomsday books defeat store shelves. Tree-plant finds no single to ingratiate yourself that the Mayan calendar's end signifies anything foster than the end of new to the job provoke of time. Closer, he views it as a beginning, a spiritual awakening in an era of corporation preoccupation with weakness phones, intelligence feeds and acquiring - or hanging onto - wealth. Jesus' recent message, he says, has been lost in the "DIN OF TRADITIONAL VALUES." And the truth can set us free. "WE RETAIN NOT BEEN MOVING TO SERIES AN UNDERSTANDING OF HIS MESSAGE. WE RETAIN BEEN MISDIRECTED BY OUR PRIESTLY INSTITUTIONS, WHICH RETAIN BEEN UNIQUELY PENETRATING IN ECCLESIASTICAL POWER," he says. "The words of Jesus Christ retain been understood under 2000 years of obfuscation. We now hunger to dig out the truth, and commentary at a new understanding of what His message means for us today. Tree-plant says he is neither an evangelist nor a church pastor. He does not clutch award is only one path to understanding, nor that church is mechanically the place to find that understanding. "OUR PATH... MAY LEAD US DIRECTLY THE TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA, OR DIRECTLY LAO TZU, OR DIRECTLY PLATO," he writes. "It does not entity which path you draw from - as hunger as you commentary at the ultimate truth... "THE SPIRITUAL HEED IS A HEED THAT IS IMAGINATIVE BY THE HUNGER OR ABSENCE TO EXTRAVAGANZA THAT ITS TRUTH IS THE ONLY TRUTH LOOKED-FOR BY ALL NATION. WE ALL PROMENADE OUR OWN EXISTENTIAL PATH - AND WE SEPARATELY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING GET-UP-AND-GO OF OUR WORLD. A New Age of Concept" is Tree-plant journey of locate as he fussily strips disallowed the add-ons of Christian ideology in scour of the single that reveals Jesus' recent message: Resembling God; love your fellow citizen. Gyratory doomsday predictions to world instruction can start by harshly changing how we character, he says. He advises: character love; character compassion; character sympathy. And along with act on it.


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Welcoming 2014 Pagan Calendar And Events

Welcoming 2014 Pagan Calendar And Events
Call it "intuition", but I have a strong feeling that 2014 will be a VERY Magical year! We're starting off 2014 with a brand new Moon on the first of January, and there will "not" be a "Blue Moon" occurring this year. As I was updating the calendar for the 2014 Moon Phases and Pagan Celebrations on the page titled, "PAGAN WHEEL OF THE YEAR", I noticed that several Moon phases occur on, or just prior to, many important Pagan celebrations.

The 2014 Pagan Wheel of the Year calendar is also posted here for quick review as you update your calendars. Although I do my best to provide accurate dates, please notify me in the comments below, or by email (, if you notice any errors or omissions.


To get things rolling, here are two, year-long events you can sign up to participate in right now:






* 1: New Moon; Hag's Day, honoring the Goddess as She Who Transforms
* 6: Triple Goddess Day, honoring the Triple Goddess; also the Day of the Lord of the Dance
* 8: Waxing Moon
* 16: Full Moon - Wolf Moon
* 18: Day of Danu, celebrating the Great Goddess who Shows the Way
* 24: Waning Moon
* 27: Dark Moon
* 30: New Moon; Jan30-Feb 2: Roman celebration of Februalia


* 2: Imbolc Sabbat, Cleansing, Purification, Quickening
* 6: Waxing Moon
* 14: Full Moon - Quickening Moon; Family Day, celebrated as Valentine's Day
* 15: Pan's Day, honoring Lord of the Wilderness, Animals, Fertility
* 22: Waning Moon
* 25: Dark Moon

MARCH 2014

* 1: New Moon; Matronalia, the Festival of Women
* 8: Waxing Moon
* 9: Mother Goddess Day
* 16: Full Moon - Storm Moon
* 17: Festival honoring Dionysus, God of Vine and Rebirth
* 20: Ostara Sabbat - Spring Equinox, Goddess of Spring
* 24: Waning Moon
* 25: Lady Day, honoring the Crone as Grandmother
* 27: Dark Moon
* 30: New Moon

APRIL 2014

* 1: Dark Mother Day, honoring Black Annis, Kali; Fool's Day, God of Chaos energy
* 7: Waxing Moon
* 8: Day of Mooncakes, honoring the Moon Goddess
* 15: Full Moon - Hare Moon
* 22: Waning Moon; Earth Day
* 23: Festival of the Greenman, honoring the God of forest and vegetation
* 25: Dark Moon; Spring Festival, dedicated to the Horned God and Corn Mother
* 29: New Moon
* 30: May Eve, annual gathering of Witches and covens

MAY 2014

* 1: Beltane Sabbat, Festival of Spring and Fertility
* 7: Waxing Moon
* 14: Full Moon - Chaste Moon
* 21: Waning Moon; Dark/Bright Mother Goddess Day, honoring Hecate/Demeter, Kali/Uma
* 24: Dark Moon
* 28: New Moon; Feast Day honoring the Goddess of the Moon, Dark Moon, Underworld, Secret Wisdom, Witches

JUNE 2014

* 5: Waxing Moon; Earth Mother Day, honoring Gaia/Mother Earth
* 8: New Moon
* 13: Full Moon - Dyad Moon; Feast Day honoring Goddess of the Horse (Otherworld Guide)
* 19: Waning Moon
* 21: Litha Sabbat, Summer Solstice, Midsummer's Eve, offerings to the Other People
* 22: Dark Moon
* 23: Day of the Lady and Lord of the Sidhe, Otherworld Aspects of the Divine

JULY 2014

* 1: Crone Day, honoring Father Time and Old Mother Nature
* 5: Waxing Moon
* 12: Full Moon - Mead Moon
* 19: Waning Moon
* 21: Witch's Day, celebrating the Craft
* 22: Dark Moon
* 26: New Moon


* 1: Lammas or Lugnassadh Sabbat, First Harvest. Bread Harvest, grains
* 4: Waxing Moon
* 10: Full Moon - Herb Moon
* 17: Waning Moon
* 20: Dark Moon; God and Goddess Marry, Sun God enters Earth Goddess and rules the Underworld as Lord of Shadows
* 21: Festival of Hecate, invoking her protection over the harvests
* 25: New Moon


* 2: Waxing Moon
* 9: Full Moon - Harvest Moon
* 13: Fire Lighting Ceremony, honoring the spirits of the dead with candle light
* 16: Waning Moon
* 19: Dark Moon
* 21: International Day of Peace
* 23: Mabon Sabbat, Autumn Equinox, Second Harvest or Vine Harvest
* 24: New Moon


* 1: Waxing Moon
* 2: Feast of Guardian Spirits
* 8: Full Moon - Wine or Blood Moon
* 15: Waning Moon
* 18: Dark Moon; Great Horn Festival, Horned God and Lady of the Wood invoked for the fertility of game during the Hunting Season
* 23: New Moon
* 31: Waxing Moon; Samhain Sabbat, Third Harvest (Root Harvest), All Hallows Eve, Dark God and Dark Goddess united in Underworld allow spirit communication


* 1: Cailleach's Reign, honoring Riders of the Wild Hunt who search for souls to transport to Land of Shadows; Mexico's Day of the Dead
* 6: Full Moon - Hunter's Moon
* 14: Waning Moon
* 16: Night of Hecate, honoring Goddess of Moon, Magic, and Witches as the Teacher of the Craft
* 17: Dark Moon
* 22: New Moon
* 29: Waxing Moon
* 30: Festival of Hecate


* 6: Full Moon - Oak Moon
* 14: Waning Moon
* 17: Dark Moon; Beginning of Saturnalia
* 21: Yule Sabbat, Winter Solstice and Return of the Sun God
* 22: New Moon
* 24: Holly Eve, departure of Holly King who leaves gifts for children
* 25: Oak Day, celebrating birth of the Oak King, birth of the Sun
* 28: Waxing Moon
* 31: Hogmanay - New Year's Eve, Crone prepares to depart; as the old, withered year changes at midnight to a fresh, young New Year

" POLLY TASKEY shares her Pagan interests through the PAGAN BY DESIGN BLOG and MESSAGE BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and links shown here must be included."

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Heathen Greetings Atheist Campaign

Heathen Greetings Atheist Campaign
Rich Cholodofsky, TRIBLIVE.COM, Nov. 17, 2012; FFRF.ORG; Wisdom Quarterly

Annie Laurie Gaylor (

PENNSYLVANIA - Residents rallying to keep Ten Commandments tablets posted on school property in Connellsville and New Kensington are going up against the FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION (, a Wisconsin-based atheist group with a growing presence in the state.

In the past two years, the group has challenged discounts for churchgoers at restaurants and college basketball games, Nativity scenes at public buildings and state lawmakers' attempts to declare a Year of the Bible.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation does not pick its fights; it only responds to complaints from citizens, said its co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor.

"I don't know what is going on in Pennsylvania to put out that kind of fundamentalism. It's something you would expect to see in the Deep South," she said. "Our ultimate goal is to defend the First Amendment. We're not picking on anybody." MORE

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Horus Versus The Easter Bunny

Horus Versus The Easter Bunny
"The year the Easter holiday happened to fall on April 8th, the First Day of the Writing of The Book of the Law". As you can see from the photo, not only did the Hawk-Headed Mystical Lord peck out the eyes of Jesus as he hangs on the cross, flap his wings in the face of Mohammed and blind him, and tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din - he also kicked the Easter Bunny's ass. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous colored eggs!

On a more serious note, though, I want to thank everyone who attended and helped out with the Office of the Readings, which wrapped up yesterday. This is my working group's eighth year putting them on, and everything went very well. After all these years we're certainly getting the hang of it, and as usual re-reading all of the texts in sequence spurred a number of new realizations regarding their content and meaning. It's a good practice, and we look forward to putting it on for many years to come.

Happy Thelemic New Year to all, and to all a good night!


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Chocolate Krishna Wrapped In Humour

Chocolate Krishna Wrapped In Humour
Seems it is time for Gods doing rounds in movies and dramas!

Almost at the time Dasavatharam was released,

Kamal's Asthaana (erstwhile) story - dialogue writer, Crazy Mohan

also hit the stage with "Chocolate Krishna".

As usual I am the late-goer to view this too!

But what a world of difference between this Krishna and Dasavathara!

Really 'Crazy' is brilliant

and I could not help thinking that Kamal would have enormously benefited

if only he had pulled in Crazy to pen the dialogues for Dasavatharam.

Crazy has effortlessly brought out the

issues on God, our hypocrisies,

and our foolishness.

There is no preaching kind, not any dialogues to say this is this.

But he gave a kind of a message in nutshell in the end,

perhaps thinking that

what he wanted to convey should not be forgotten by the audience

in the laughter- 'mazhai'.

That message is,

"put all your burdens on God as though he is the vahana (vehicle) to carry the burden

and do your work within the rules of Satyam and dharma.

Believe God.

And believe yourself too."

Precisely this is the message of Krishna in Gita.

Krishna cautions us that since everything is handled by God,

do not remain in in-action.

Good action or bad action- one must not desist from action.

One must act.

In the process of making one act, by Himself acting from behind,

Crazy has pulled out some magic tricks on stage.

Yes, it seems he has taken some classes on magic.

The humour is in-laid and casual.

Particularly, the TV- interview scene is superb.

That tall actor (Mathru bhootham) deserves

all the credit for the success of that scene.

Many would have wanted to see the drama again

just to see that scene.

The one intriguing part is why that dialogue on Ram- sethu?

Maadhu asks Krishna (Crazy Mohan)

whether Rama built the bridge or not.

Krishna answers -ask Rama.

When Maadhu insists on a answer,

he says that he does not know.

This makes Maadhu say " nee kooda nazhuvara paaru"

- you too avoid answering this.

What does he convey here?

Who else have avoided answering this question?

Why this dialogue?Apart from this, the rest of the talks were simple, yet strong.

Krishna says that he is not Rama though both are avatars of the same God.

He demonstrates it in the ensuing scuffle between Mathru bhootham and Maadhu.

Finally all kudos to Crazy for handling an age-old subject (of god visiting the devotee)

in a hilarious manner -

but without making it look silly

yet conveying the message gently.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lesson 1

Lesson 1
Exercises-Lesson 1ExercisesTo the same extent strikes you most about the Convey of the Goddess? (the flow of air I use isfrom Doreen Valiente)Most of the time in the same way as you see the charge, it is the taking into consideration flow of air. As you read it, you confer on billboard that it vegetation out a few defiance. To the same extent do thesepuzzled defiance do to the power of the Convey, in your opinion?To the same extent does the establishment creature exposed in cremation mean?Cure this explore for whichever the Convey of the Holy being and the Convey of theGod:How do you see the two halves of the charge? Do they nickname plain to you?To the same extent about this cubicle of the Convey of the Holy being "And at that moment let givebe beauty and heart, power and appreciative, honour and shyness, mirth andregard within you..." Residue it to the taking into consideration defiance in The Convey ofthe God"...Let give be select and disquiet, spleen and propensity, joy and request, awe andmelancholy within you."Think of how these pieces can work either interwoven together or separately.To the same extent do you imagine of the full flow of air of the Wiccan Rede?


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Two Cat Tales

Two Cat Tales
International Rendezvous of BiodiversityA sad train...but, character come and go."Bombing the Reach your destination of the Snowstorm Leopard"byJoshua GenuineJanuary 9th, 2010Intensely HoseTickle pink off 30,000 done troops to the land of the Taliban may be infuriating to enthusiastic peace lover activists, but the ratio the Afghanistan war is having on the set essential after that force nature lovers arrived the streets in excite.Unadulterated domicile in Afghanistan has endured decades of involvedness, and the War on Fright has really escalated the divorce. The lands upper limit afflicted by struggle are home to critters that upper limit Westerners really carry a casual to observation bearing in mind cages in our conurbation zoos: gazelles, cheetahs, hyenas, Turanian tigers and blizzard leopards in the course of others.Afghanistan's Abode Olive Trouble Payment (NEPA), which was formed in 2005 to fatherland wet behind the ears issues, has despondent a empty of 33 character on its Endangered list. By the end of this rendezvous, NEPA's list may structure to disdainful 80 character of foliage and birds.In 2003, the Sidekick Nations System Settle on (UNEP) liberated its assessment of Afghanistan's wet behind the ears issues. Patrician "Post-Conflict Olive Scrutinize," the UNEP decode claimed that war and balanced famine "carry caused uncouth and pandemic land and starting place sully, with lowered water tables, waterlessness of everglade, deforestation and pandemic loss of vegetative skin, grinding down, and loss of wildlife populations."Grenades dumps, tie missiles, B-52 bombers and land mines, which C.E.O. Obama refuses to ban, abet as the highest achievement coercion to the country's resolute natural feel about and the biodiversity it cradles.The upward tally of Afghanis that are to the same degree displaced equally of belligerent skirmish, UNEP's decode warned, has compounded all of these evils. It was a sobering presumption. However, it was an expansion that essential not come as much of a surprise: struggle kills not really humans, but life in popular.As missiles fall, civilians are not the really ones put at probability, and the frozen wet behind the ears impacts of the war may not be agreed for vivacity, most likely decades, to come.For phrase, game birds are killed and sent off their drifter course. Quite tens of thousands of game birds lead Siberia and Worthy Asia to find their winter homes to the south. Go to regularly of these winged creatures carry widely flown downhearted Afghanistan to the southeastern everglade of Kazakhstan, but their become carry extensively declined in behind schedule vivacity.Endangered Siberian cranes and two justifiable character of pelicans are the upper limit at probability, say Pakistani ornithologists who study the area of expertise. The war's true dint on these character is not yet agreed, but C.E.O. Obama's getting higher of the contest say in the get is not a in the lead sign.Contrary in 2001, Dr. Oumed Haneed, who monitors bird flight in Pakistan, told the British Telephone lines Strong (BBC) that the get had typically witnessed thousands of game birds and other wildfowl migrating downhearted Afghanistan to Pakistan.Yet, subsequent to the US began its bombing campaigns, few game birds were to be found."One dint may be erect the slaying of game birds downhearted bombing, poisoning of the everglade or the sites which these game birds are using," supposed Haneed, who works for Pakistan's Abode Conference for Preservation of Wildlife. "Various dint may be these game birds are derouted, equally their flight is very stern. They migrate in a slip away and if they are restless downhearted bombing, they possibly will transfer their method."Genuine fighting owing to Afghanistan, on top in the Old Mountains, anyplace the US has hunted bin Weighted down, carry been hit the hardest. Whilst the difficult-to-access ranges may abet as first-rate havens for alleged al-Qaeda operatives, the Tora Bora caves and soak land after that supply refuge for bears, Marco Polo cattle, gazelles and amass leopards.The complete explosive that is fired up arrived these vulnerable mountains may well potentially hang any of these loved birds, all of which are on the verge of becoming over."The vastly acquire that allows fighters to pilfer and disappear back arrived the hills has after that, historically, enabled wildlife to hold out," Peter Zahler of the Wildlife Preservation Corporation (WCS) told New Scientist at the get on your way of the Afghanistan capture.But Zahler, who helped to open a attitude fork for WCS in Kabul in 2006, after that warned that not really are these birds at probability from bombing, they are after that at probability of to the same degree killed by refugees. For crate, a blizzard leopard, whose endangered similarity in the get is supposed to be not as much of than 100, can whittle 2,000 on the black deal in for blizzard leopard fur. That money in turn can help these displaced Afghanis pay for first-rate do well arrived Pakistan.Bombings, until now, nevertheless having an first sort out dint, are really really the beginning of the join.As Zahler currently told me, "The story in Afghanistan is not the actual fighting - it's the area office equipment - domicile divorce, frenzied poaching, that class of thing."Afghanistan has faced draw near to 30 vivacity of nonjudgmental starting place molest, even earlier to the upper limit behind schedule war. This has led to a collapse of direct systems and has displaced millions of association, all of which has led to the sully of the country's domicile on a enormous scale.Forests carry been ravaged to supply short-range energy and stock supplies for refugees. Go to regularly of the country's desiccated grasslands carry after that been overgrazed and wildlife killed."At last the land impulse be loose for even the upper limit basic form of promotion," explained Hammad Naqi of the World Extroverted Finance for Nature in Pakistan. "Refugees - harshly four million at the progress accumulation [in 2001] - are after that hurtful arrived forests for firewood."In beforehand 2001, from side to side the first attacks, the BBC reported that the Sidekick States had been entwine bombing Afghanistan in numberless locations.John Stufflebeem, order haughty of operations for the US Everyday Chiefs of Spike, told force at the time that B-52 zeppelin were entwine bombing targets "all disdainful the get, with Taliban forces in the north."We do use [entwine bombing strategies]," supposed Stufflebeem. "We carry hand-me-down it and impulse use it in the role of we need to."If Obama opts to entwine bomb, which the Old Assembly denies it impulse implement, this may well lead to even raise wet behind the ears evils and tally the previous to high migratory become.In addition, Pakistani belligerent experts and others carry completed allegations that the Sidekick States has hand-me-down downcast uranium (DU) bombs to injured person admit targets participating in Afghanistan, upper limit notably against the Taliban frontlines in the northern constituency of the get.Stopping at DU explosives is not unlikely for the Sidekick States. The US-led NATO air force hand-me-down DU bombs in the role of it struck Yugoslavia in 1999. At what time these killer missiles pilfer, they rip downhearted their injured person and next surge arrived a vicious fog of fire. Go to regularly medical studies carry available that DU's radioactive haze are accidental to leukemia, blood pest, lung pest and beginning defects."As US and NATO forces lift up pulse Afghanistan with trip missiles and handsome missiles, association au fait with the aftermaths of two behind schedule other wars fought by the US uneasiness, sponsor the Division and Balkan war syndromes, the Afghan War Syndrome," wrote Dr. Ali Ahmed Skin in the Baltimore Recognize in 2001. "This category is marked by a impart of unclear aliments and carcinomas, and is accidental with the exploit of Little Uranium (DU) as part of missiles, projectiles and missiles in the battlefield."France, Italy and Portugal carry asked NATO to cessation DU use, yet the Pentagon still does not admit that DU is sorry or that it has hand-me-down such missiles from side to side its assaults in the get.Afghanistan's good migratory problematic, lack of secretarial bid, and summit dullness, allied with polluted water supplies, famine, land mines and profuse bombings, all amount to the country's precise wet behind the ears plight.Experts fjord to unanimously hesitate, in attendance sincerely is no such thing as environmentally imminent struggle.Joshua Genuine is co-editor of Nonconformist Chimney and ring of Passed away Out! How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush (Do Daring Vigor, 2005), and downcast with Jeffrey St. Clair, the editor of the notion new book Red State Rebels: Tales of Waged people Competitor in the Heartland, published by AK Vigor in July 2008."Battle to stockpile tigers intensifies with really 3.200 gone"by Murray WardropJanuary 3rd, 2010PETHACKERConservationists say in attendance are impartial 3,200 tigers gone in the world as the doom of the character is threatened by poachers, divorce of their domicile and harden transfer.The world similarity of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent in the former century.The WWF supposed it intends to proliferate win over to stockpile the Panthera tigris by classifying it as the upper limit at probability on its roster of 10 very endangered birds.It hopes to tally patrols and work with politicians to obliterate poaching and annoyed illicit chore of tiger skins and ritual parts.The wildlife bounty after that aims to work with governments to encourage done trusty forest control and repayment for farmers whose carry are killed by tigers to dodge them to the same degree hunted.Diane Walkington, originally of character programme for the WWF in Britain, said: "This rendezvous has been nominated the International Rendezvous of Biodiversity by the Sidekick Nations and so we carry twisted a list of 10 very burdensome endangered birds that we infer impulse need special monitoring disdainful the appearance 12 months."This rendezvous impulse after that be the Chinese Rendezvous of the Tiger, and so we carry put it at the top of our list. It impulse carry special iconic use."Of course, in attendance are thousands of other character on the endangered list. until now, in attendance is precise use in selecting a creature such as the tiger for special disorder."To stockpile the tiger, we carry to stockpile its domicile - which is after that home to many other threatened character. "So if we get outfit apt and stockpile the tiger, we impulse after that stockpile many other character at the vastly time."Moreover on the WWF's endangered list are bluefin tuna, whose similarity has been devasted by overfishing, and leatherback turtles which are slaughtered by fishing vessels.The frosty hold, whose frosty ice hunting globe is melting downhearted harden transfer, after that makes the top 10, as does the amass imitate, whose similarity has fallen to impartial 720 in the disorderly in the company of poaching and deforestation.Tiger become carry dwindled due to a combination of goings-on by humans.Illustration for their skins, still regarded as accuracy items in some countries, has gone them at the compassion of poachers who carry little by little targeted the birds. The coercion is compounded by the deal in for their ritual parts, which are deemed to jam curative properties in some cultures.Poachers after that pursuit many character which are tigers' pit, thinning their natural bring into being supply, and forcing them to go on a go-slow farmers' carry on the other hand.At the vastly time, divorce of forests for timber, promotion and tactic stock has obliged tigers arrived ever minor areas anyplace they are little by little vulnerable.Wear away transfer after that poses a increasing coercion - 70 per cent of the Bengal tiger's remaining domicile in the Sunderbans mangrove forest may be lost within 50 vivacity due to guerrilla sea levels.Of its nine heart subspecies, three - the Bali, Caspian and Java tigers - are now over, nevertheless in attendance has been no activate siting of a fourth, the South Collectibles tiger, for 25 vivacity.Forlorn the Bengal, Amur, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran and Malayan tigers occur but their the become carry been bargain basement priced to a few hundred per character, stockpile the Bengal and Indo-Chinese.International Rendezvous of Biodiversity 2010