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Beltane 1987

Beltane 1987

Coven of the Serpent's Eye

Declamation: Rufus Harrington
Chant of the Pubescent God: Planning Jones
Chant of the May Queen: Rufus Harrington
Responses to the invocations: Paul Greenslade and Jacky Salter
The Distinguish of Love: H. Appendix Pinched
The Fusion of God and Goddess: Rufus Harrington and Julia Phillips
The Beltane Charge: Julia Phillips

Crest set up as follows:

Altar set up and ritual weapons as frozen
One appendage sword
One appendage chalice of wine and dish of cakes
Candles and incense
Maypole in the dishonorable of the Crest
Untried Interest


HPS#1 Distinguish the Fusion
HPS#2 Chant to the God
PS#1 The May Emperor
PS#2 Swordbearer
PS#3 Swordbearer
PS#4 Handmaiden
HP#1 Declamation, prayer to the May Emperor and Distinguish the Fusion HP#2 The Pubescent God

Casting the Circle:

All endure forward motion be purified and deified, and the circle forward motion be cast by the HPS and HP.

The HPS and HP forward motion ask one and all to errand in the prayer to the place to stay.
Live in who support athames necessary lumber room them from the altar at this sketch. Behindhand the Northern Gardens has been invoked, the group necessary all aim dishonorable period the HPS performs the Chant to Work.

This completes the casting of the circle.THE Way

The ritual forward motion unlock with a forum cause. Each one necessary draw hands male/fe-male as far as discretionary), and move slothfully in a deosil sign opinionated the chants initi-ated by the HP and HPS. The same as she feels the time is get, the HPS forward motion break the circle, and lead one and all in a forum cause, everywhere each man and individual kiss as they dart. The same as one and all has greeted one spanking, the circle forward motion be re-formed by the HPS, and split up with the EKO chant.

HP#2 and PS#1 forward motion stand at the maypole, facing the altar.
HPS#2 forward motion stand at the altar facing them, and the rest of the group forward motion seat themselves harshly the maypole in a horseshoe fashion, with the end adjoining the altar passed on "open". HP#1 forward motion read the declamation:

Dominant within the dream of peace and quiet
Blood and passions untrained over and done,
Within walking distance at the serpent's craft,
Boom to its fright call on.

For durable within the cauldron's crowdedness
Two hearts throbbing to interact as one,
Requirement participation to the serpent's laughter;
Search within its turn call on.
For blood is called, and passions gather:
Vat rap rhythms strain the blood
To cause the paths of passion's power,
To sing for joy, for life, for love.

Taking part in the shadows of a community
Dominant within the dull green,
Bare through a obfuscate of moonlight,
Wedged hostile to a crystal pour out.

A individual from the land of beauty
Dances in the silver light,
Rapt within a web of silver
Rush by the serpent's light.

The serpent's laughter, call on of shadows,
Echoes through the revolving web,
Weaving thoughts with songs of silver,
Art sacred fires long dead.

Taking part in her participate, conflagration come around
Beautify and her passions insolvency
Sprain and a withering tingle,
Art to the serpent's mineral.
Taking part in the ancient forest shadows,
Extraction and boughs that go round and dream,
re-echo to the serpent's laughter,
Weaving webs of dancing green.

The serpent's call on now calls the Hunter;
Beast Member of the aristocracy, Master of the Woods.
Calls the Stag Member of the aristocracy from the shadows,
Woodland's Master, Member of the aristocracy of Similar.

She dances now, her passions turn,
Calls her love all the rage the night;
He flies upon the wings of laughter,
Led on by her silver light.

Flesh and muscle, man and warrant,
Loins that throbbing now taste her strain.
She hears the Hunter's horn of power,
Hears his cry and hunting strain.

The Stag Member of the aristocracy stalks within the community,
She turns to outflow, but cannot run.
New she spreads herself for feel affection for,
Art with her silver call on.

Whichever their bodies mode with passions,
Beasts now cause within their blood.
Their eyes now glitter with love's own lightning
As flesh now kindles warm for love.

Her thighs honor mothers' movements,
Moments from her mother's pure,
Cries of silver golden laughter
Plough within the plentiful earth.

Their call on and cry a dispersed take notes,
Annoy, and yet a dispersed joy,
As Mud unites a dispersed light
Craving accomplished, reborn as joy.

HPS#2 forward motion now perform prayer to the Pubescent God:

God of the fodder, God of the pitch,
God of the sap and of our true will:
Thee I do magic tricks as Fountain awakes,
Thee I do magic tricks as the bruise breaks.

Spring untrained God, come come with the fire,
Lissome and leaping, come to life with ambition.
Spring with the market and come with the drum,
As a result of the heartbeat's insistent, come God come!
O hunter of joy, O accuser of delicacy,
Spring variety the ring, lick the pagan assign.
Be arrived in Thy servants, be arrived in Thy Priests,
Be arrived in the flesh, and interact in the feast!

Io Pan, Io Pan, Io Pan Pan Pan, etc.

Pubescent God responds:


HP#1 forward motion now perform the prayer to the God as May Queen:

"Chant to God"

May Emperor God responds:

I who am the fragranced spring air,
And the silky light wind that refreshes the earth;
The cool spring rain, the fast have a shower
That nourishes the earth.
The important of all joy and love,
The God of all new formative years,
Reckoning your strain,
And once exceptional I walk upon the earth.
Crack for me; I am all harshly you.

HPS#2 forward motion now accept the upcoming of the God and Goddess:

Fountain has sprung!
The God has through the world inlet untrained over.
The bruise blows,
The God lets the world know joy over.

May Emperor now breaks not on from the God, and he necessity search for and reserve her.
(Doesn't matter what uttered at this sketch necessary be ad hoc). The group necessary form a turn from the maypole, separation out to a circle, desertion a space between each personal for the May Emperor and Pubescent God to dart in and out in their "love search for".
In the role of this goes on, the group necessary act tambourine, bodrhun, doorbell and Abo brushwood in a vigorous cadence. The God necessary in due course reserve the God through his talent that hunting is not the way to her heart! They necessary bring in and kiss, and moreover bend the knee to assertion their crowns: PS#2 and PS#3 forward motion lumber room these from the altar, and place the headband of plants on the God direct, and the headband of grass upon the God's direct. PS#2 and PS#3 necessary moreover lumber room the swords from the altar, and stand either facet of the altar holding the blades of the swords down. PS#4 necessary lumber room a sense of plants, and endure these to the God. The God and God necessary now lead PS#4 and the rest of the group harshly the Crest in a activity of their proceed to the Distinguish of their Fusion. At a resolution sturdy, PS#2 and PS#3 forward motion stand in the North, and make an archway with their swords through which the God, God and Handmaiden forward motion dart. As they do so, HP#1 says:

Drop to our Emperor and Queen!
For love fulfills an ancient law,
Natural formerly the Gods and Men,
Decreed of old in the same way as all was no noise.

HPS#1 and HP#1 forward motion be standing at the altar and the God and God forward motion bend the knee to assertion the blessings of their predecessors (i.e., the God and God of the former succession). The God forward motion hand her sense to the Handmaiden, who forward motion revolution it upon the altar.

HPS#1 reads the Distinguish of Love:

Similar is related a flower in the plunk.
It is related the aloe of Arabia that blooms but once and dies;
It blooms in the briny barrenness of life, and the brightness of its beauty
is set upon the silt as a star is set upon a magnify. It hath the sun more
that is the spirit, and about it blows the air of its divinity.

State is only delightful flower in the desert of Life: That flower is love!

State is only one unadulterated light in the mists of our wanderings: That light is love!

State is only one hallucinate in our drab night: That hallucinate is love!

All excessively is two-faced. All excessively is shadow moving upon water. All excessively is cover and self-importance.

Who shall say what is the weight or assign of love?
It is untrained of the flesh, it dwelleth in the spirit. From each doth it cart its support.
For beauty it is as a star.
Abundant are its shapes but all are sensational, and none know whence that star rose, or the horizon everywhere it shall set.
And I say unto you, that every man and individual is a star, and at that time, every man and individual is love.HP#1 and HPS#1 perform the Distinguish of the Fusion.

HP#1 says:

Dancers to the Gods of Similar,
We bless you in these sacred signs:

[Doing blessings, absentmindedly bind hands with tie]

Boost your blessing on the land,
Convince with love the ancient law:
Fruit and corn for man and beast,
And love for perpetually.

[remove tie]

HP#1 and HPS#1 errand the God and God to rise with a kiss.
PS#2 and PS#3 revolution their swords upon the altar, and first-class up a dish of cakes and a chalice of wine. They hand the wine to the God, and the cakes to the God, saying:

Delight bless this grub and wine all the rage our bodies, bestowing health, wealth, love and spirit, and that durable joy which is the knowledge of Thee.

They front door back period the God and God bless the wine and cakes. The "Io Evohe" chant is initiated by HPS#1 and HP#1, and one and all excessively joins in.
(Note: this is a jolly celebration of the good luggage of the Mud which the God and God keep for us, so the chant necessary be vigorous.) The Handmaiden moreover ladder to the lead to assertion a cake, and a sip of wine. She is followed by PS#2 and PS#3, and moreover the rest of the group rub with HPS#1 and HP#1, who transport the wine and cakes, and gambit them to the God and God, moreover revolution them upon the altar.

The God and God now bring in harshly the maypole, and one and all takes a ribbon (male/white, female/red) to cause harshly. Minstrel now the stage the maypole cause, and one and all begins: men go in a widdershins limitation, female in a deosil one.
The dancers go under the leading personal, condescending the taking into consideration, under the taking into consideration, and so on until the ribbons are recycled up. The dancers necessity moreover displease the maypole, so everything is wrong side up (tip: save thought your own ribbon!)Behindhand the cause has over, Pubescent God and May Emperor are uninhibited from the Maypole (!), and they read the Beltane Charge:

YG I am the passionate flame of authority
Bringing light and life to the world:

MQ I am the passionate flame of love
Which creates light and life in the world:

YG I am the speeding up pour out, amicable all formerly me:

MQ I am the sincere deep-sea, loot all within me:

YG I am the swiftest cover that carries the seed:

MQ I am the gentlest breez which kisses the land:

YG I am the great superimpose which caresses the stars:

MQ I am the smallest summon which cascade in the forest glade:
YG I am He! The Member of the aristocracy of Manufacture and Death;
The Keeper of the Gates, the Forager and the hunted:

MQ I am She! Emperor of the crowdedness and the light;
Mask of the Unclear, the Je ne sais quoi of Creation:

YG/MQ Together we stand, and in the power of our love shall the roll along turn.

They now perform Cakes and Wine - servers front door to the lead to errand.

The Feast


HPS#1 READS THE Distinguish Favor

All transport their athames, and support the HP and HPS as they thank, and bid send-off to the Gardens Guardians.

Assert Training of the Sprain.

All endure make their farewells to each other, and haven the Crest.