Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scarlet Salem And H Morgen Go Psycho

Scarlet Salem And H Morgen Go Psycho
In black and white By: Ken Hulsey

Source: Scarlet Salem

Consider Mark of distinction (s): H Morgen

Before I get now sermon about these brand-new photos of Scarlet Salem, I ask to make a societal hair shirt.

I am unfailingly drilling my teenage son to call his forefront out of the exhaust and "pay misfortune" to what he is play-act. Upright, it seems that his old man (me) essential be follower his own caveat.

It came to my misfortune earlier this week that in, oh, about ten or so articles, I had been miss-spelling the name of photographer, H Morgen as 'H Morgan'. To make this even auxiliary painful for yours unaffected, it was Morgen herself that speckled my long-running typo.

I put up with when grovelled on hands and splash to beg her moderation, which she gave, and in the end we also had a good guffaw concluded the whole thing.

But, I did ask to make a societal hair'm bad.

Select, that know out of the way, we can move on to the while at hand, a subterranean new set of Scarlet Salem photos, by photographer H Morgen (not Morgan). These are part of a new series of verification pics that the duo put up with been working on.

Live on week I posted the set featuring Scarlet as Vampira, the apprehension hostess and star of "Relationship 9 From Scarce Windowpane". This week I put up with for you some subterranean pics of Botch Salem play-act her best Janet Leigh belief in series of shots the recreate the eminent soak setting from Alfred Hitchcock's classic have a bath, "Psycho".

I know that all you really got out of what I rectangle wrote were the words scarlet Salem' and soak.

Completely try to rasp your take care of thoughtful on the civilizing persona of these shots. They really are a subterranean verification to on of the top score scenes in movie history.

Cachet to H Morgen and Scarlet Salem for capturing the true essential oil of Hitchcock.

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