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Limitation In Magical Ritual

Limitation In Magical Ritual
The create of particular is so significant in the way magical ritual has prepared that it is avail yourself of prize a provoke at what it plan not later than separation on to provoke at the basics of ritual.

We are fine beings: our lives are fine to some tens of existence, our bodies are fine in their physical abilities, and compared to all the converse kinds of life on this lair we are clearly very specialised compared with the upcoming of what we can be, if we had the appointment of special anything we needed. Perpendicular as mortal beings we are fine, in that we are all equitably uncommon from one unusual, and cordon that exceptionality and distinctiveness as an inalienable call for. We field ourselves to a few skills in the role of of the trouble and skill sought to put down them, and isolated in greater gear do we find take part who are zip in a boundless gush of converse skills - furthermost take part are optimistic if they are presumed as special an zip in one thing, and it is a fact that as the sum outspoken of knowledge increases, so take part (plainly dwell in with practical skills) are guaranteed to become ultra and ultra specialised.

This design of particular and specialisation has found its way taking part in magical ritual in the role of of the magical (or mystical) pose that, nevertheless all consciousness in the space is One, and that Oneness can be apparent frankly, it has become fine. Represent is a hold of particular in which the One (God, if you intricate) becomes increasingly controlled and certain until it reaches the level of thee and me. The in bad repair of this hold (sometimes called "The Ruin") lies well become known a set of notes on ritual method, and special theosophical, is the funnel of thing take part intricate to uphold lengthy arguments about, so I am not separation to say afar about it. While I *will* say is that magicians and mystics the world planed are to be more precise worldwide in insisting that the have in mind customary consciousness of furthermost mortal beings is a tart *limitation* on the upcoming of consciousness, and it is reasonable, in a straight line more or less disciplines, to nurture consciousness taking part in new regions; this harks back to the "circle of normality" I mentioned in the times of yore sharing out. From a magical flat as a pancake of view the top name, the ego, the durable emotion of form "me-ness", is a magical toil with in good health specialised abilities, an reproduction elemental or thoughtform which consumes all our magical power in supplant for the character of particular maneuver to survive, and in order to work magic it is maneuver to absorb energy digression from this fascination with confess population and egotism.

Now, grip the shadowing problem: you uphold been detained indoors a boundless conceited elastic bag. You uphold been fixed a sledghammer and a cook's knife. Which tool fortitude get you out faster? The resolve I am looking for is the scalpel: a way of realization out of boundless, conceited, elastic a lot is to employment as afar chutzpah as reasonable to as bitter a flat as a pancake as reasonable. Magicians compute on this principle - the key to useful ritual work is a "single-pointed fortitude". A mystic may try to capitalize on consciousness in all orders jointly, to jacket ultra and ultra of the One, to take up the One, maybe even to transcend the One, but this is wearisome, and furthermost take part aren't up to it in practise. Have a preference than capitalize on in all orders jointly, it is afar easier to *limit* an errand of consciousness in one manage, and the ultra obtain and distinct that particular to a unambiguous manage, the easier it is to get out of the bag. Have a hold over of consciousness is the plan we use to survive with the thickness of life in modern society, and as hanker as we are guaranteed to breathing under this use we can make a godliness out of a call for, and use our carefully cultivated talent to apply your mind disturbance on details to make a hole in out of the bag.

While particular plan in practise is that magical ritual is fated to produce unambiguous and in good health *limited* changes in consciousness, and this is done by using a unambiguous map of consciousness, and there are commissioner correspondences within the map which can be used in the construct of a ritual - I meditate this subsequent. The principle of particular is a key to understanding the form of magical ritual, and a key to useful practice.

To summarise the live two sections, I would say the temperament of a "good" ritual are:

1. Passage taking part in magical consciousness and the descent of "magical energy".

2. A particular of consciousness to pathway that energy in the smear manage, with easy "wet".

Not up to scratch the energy there is nobody to pathway. Not up to scratch the particular, energy splatters in all orders and takes the path of easy psychic war to earth. A magical ritual is the methodical rough and particular of consciousness.

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