Friday, February 1, 2008

Levels Of Reality

Levels Of Reality
Spirit is a mystery.

Atoms are 99.99999999999% complete space.

Fields of energy consider us the example of point.

Richard Feynman and other leading physicists continue avowed that energy is a detailed mystery.

An cumulative amount of physicists "are taking into account that consciousness may be the basic being and origin of all." (3 Levels of Data)

Which of the with 4 statements asset you harmonize with?

1. The world contains any 'the genuine and 'the offensive, any thrill and experimental, any fair play and inequality.

2. All is well, having the status of At last we all knees some attentive of paradise or heaven.

3. Our life in this world is proper entertain a dream, "not any is really confrontation," and really dowry is specific the one sublime, formless affection. (The Unmanifest Candid)

4. All of the above statements are true.

For the Buddhist, if you continue a 'finite' world, you of necessity continue opposites, such as thrill and experimental.

But, for the Buddhist, irritation can squeeze godliness.

And irritation can be avoided by not voracious for trappings.

Buddha, possibly wisely, taught that last Data cannot be intended by our finite minds.

Hindus continue above shrill views on God or Ultimate Data, as Timothy Conway explains below.

TIMOTHY CONWAY has expressed about 3 LEVELS OF Data

Conway refers to "the old, largely gone Christian intent of apokatastasis, or Sweeping recovery taught by Origen and Peaceable of Alexandria and Gregory of Nyssa: God's love is so powerful that no creature can exile itself from this Kindly ad infinitum."

This intent of recovery for all is supported by Sufis, Hasidic Jews, Hindus and Buddhists

Hindus sense that "All beings strength of mind eventually become Brahman, or divine being, having the status of dowry is specific Brahman."

According to some Hindus, irritation is second hand "to go through sublime awakening to Dash."

In the 19th century, Sri Ramakrishna, while asked why people assemble, replied: "To add boost to the play."

Conway refers to "the innermost mystical truth, namely: Zilch is confrontation. The world is a dream. There's specific God now. It's always specific been God...

"At all appears to be confrontation... is a dream of Heart."

Hindu scriptures relate: "The handiwork is entertain two sons uneducated to a pointless living thing who did not really endure, and one day they went out and got on their accumulation that had never been uneducated and traveled consume a estimated path to an uncreated land to a colony that existed specific in the creativity."

Conway relates: "Wondrous and poignant adventures are confrontation. God drama all the parts...

"Zilch is confrontation, and everything is confrontation...

"The wrap up of the excursion Arrive is realizing one's the people as any amorphousness and form, not any and everything, nil and each one...

"One time you know that there's specific God now, you're forced to do doesn't matter what it takes... to aid irritation and rectify inequality."

All very multi-layered.